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December 12, 2008


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Hello everybody and how are you all doing ?
Today, I'm bringing you a serie of News Article, it's not Hidden Talent, but there is a serie even smaller than that ! :) Decided to name is Stunning Digital Painting. Don't worry, this does not end the Hidden Talent series of News Article :p It's just another serie of amazing digital painting which are now going to get featured in a regular basis ! You guys should really check this out ! Because there is so many unbelivable paintings :) Be sure to :+fav: some of the works ! Or if you have time all of it (good luck with that ! :p)

:star::star::star::star::star: Enjoy the great show ! :star::star::star::star::star:

CONAN RAGE by maxetormer Three Kingdoms - Da Qiao by Artgerm Project55 by FotoN-3 Three Kingdoms - Xiao Qiao by Artgerm + Day 66 + by AlexiusSana Mechanical thunder by MarcSimonetti Boy and Girl by Sandfreak Meatclaw by juliedillon Sermignatto by juliedillon Duel by AndreeWallin Airship Dock by Grimdar Clockmaker Cronos by Magolobo Lakkenaa and Snowball by Dianae where are you Ridley ? by Raphael-Lacoste Rancor by weaselpa After the Ride by Nhaar Titan by RadoJavor Return by VampirePrincess007 Elite Soldier by wiredgear how far to the horizon? by a-human-works AngelManufacture by Zeen84 Other Worlds by RudolfHerczog Whispering Death by synax444 Contact : Harvest by Nameless-Designer Tropical City by dylancole Mind Over Machine by AlexRuizArt Welcome to the Rabbit Town by liuyangart Homecoming by OmeN2501 Rabbit Warrior by tariq12 first born 3 page 14 by nebezial Mad Darryl by tariq12 :thumb83393076: :thumb83568139: Virus by nelson808 Remember The Titans by ukitakumuki Cowl by MarcSimonetti Snap end of summer by maronski kingdom by liuyangart Awakening of magic by maronski The Sanctuary by maronski gold by DanielaUhlig WITCHBLADE ANIME MASANE by nebezial :thumb9004700: Time for a summer vacation by likaspapaya Spacecraft by wanbao EPICA by tigaer Blue Moon by microbot23 Metropolis 2106 by thmc HOMEWORLD - The Painting by Andr-Sar The Dome by jfliesenborghs Abandoned City, Matte Painting by MarcoBucci Teotihuacan by edlo Before I die by Sadir89 Freedom Formula 4 by PReilly melting by Shimizu0800 The Axe of Bronze by michalivan Fire Cavalry by Hamsterfly Sturmmacht by ukitakumuki BEAST by quickreaver :thumb58403995: Mai Shiranui by SantaFung Chrisa by Elias-Chatzoudis Tony The Astronaut by Karelias Fire-raiser by 88grzes :thumb105506583: espiritu del bosque by alej-dark Her Wound by navate Bella Red level 2 by IvannaMatilla Steppland Express by Tammara :thumb103752430: :thumb103661864: Vampire vs Robot by c2i Frost Giant by boudicca The Awakening by AlectorFencer bear hunt by FelixPresch Boom, baby by algenpfleger drink up me hearties by algenpfleger :thumb80161099: fly with me by hakubaikou Sephiroth -complete by fevereon FF7 AC glory falls by jiuge A Fuzzball and Her Moogle by OchreJelly :thumb43080426: Sephiroth Fanart: Dawn by Zureul ff12 by streamingSun :thumb68768709: :thumb94038881: :thumb89829938: :thumb105470841: The Truest Lie by mattahan Baghdad by RadoJavor Dark Mage by alanlathwell The Chicago Eruption by AndreeWallin The Demon by Cloister Moonrise In Spring by MichelleHoefener Monster Attack by yty2000 Mek and Castor by thienbao old fish by Hamsterfly Hellbird by AlexRuizArt Abel and his monkey, Kane - by DanLuVisiArt The Boleyn Girl Smile by cabotinecco Commission - AWA 08 by shilin UDON art of CAPCOM cover by arnistotle The Queen Of Ultima by lorlandchain little fish girl by lorlandchain :thumb93045400: starlight by elsevilla :thumb101475746: Aggressive Tones by PearlPhoenix Black Hell by PearlPhoenix Arena wiz by Anchi The Heart Bleeds... by PearlPhoenix Renji print on sale by jiuge ANIMA RPG Entry: Golden Queen by ProdigyBombay Novel title page by feimo Misty Moon by Yue-Iceseal Lazy evening by kunoichi-san :thumb103448814: The Joker and Rachel Dawes by sullen-skrewt Bad Girl Colors by broken-nib :thumb83531632: WWTX sinbad exclusive by ToolKitten :thumb67922427: Serrum by Abiogenisis Final Confrontation by Hideyoshi big octopus by wanbao Spacecraft6 by wanbao Mech-Dragon Battle by AlexRuizArt Sharpshooter by MattDixon ::DISNEY ALADDIN:: by meisan Field of OMGs by ethe 07 by sandara Hide and Seek by jermilex PirateIsle by eWKn golden forest by breathing2004 Maximus by EldarZakirov Hellborn_ by drak Calamitous Emotion by PearlPhoenix death return by yozartwork Stand In the Way by ArtMagix :thumb68259007: Oekaki Girls by Luches blood 3 by zero-zero-nine The Pollution God 2 by Amuuna Gug Rampage by nJoo :thumb105171905: Thundercats Ho by andyparkart Zeus by GENZOMAN street game by HOON Voyager by MichaelO L5R Osano-Wo's Rebuke by GENZOMAN Masquerade by OchreJelly LE CHATEAU DU ROI PECHEUR by soys Hell's Horseman by alanlathwell Warrior 2 by Leevitron Queen. by tariq12 ..with my father's sword by Cryptcrawler Reaper by thegryph Gillur by kerembeyit Elf Rogue by artbytravis The Wheel of Fortune by yangqi Apsara by showkunz sf again.... by Xhui9 W + P :: stellar swimsuits by PepperProject PEPPER and WONDA by PepperProject :thumb55244082: Pepperifique by dopepope Decadent Progression, Left by godwinfj Wattbot by michaelkutsche blade runner imagineFX cover by francis001 Grizzled Veterans by DaveAllsop Abandoned and rusty by AdoC The Profile - by DanLuVisiArt Female mecha by AndreeWallin Masters of the Pit by nJoo Red Mantis Assassination by nJoo One Piece Fanart - Colored by arnistotle 119 by SnowSkadi Restart by gureiduson What If Dragons were Toads... by nJoo SpeedPaint: Awakening by PearlPhoenix The Black Templar by kingmong .god's.steps. by noah-kh .:Vandaria:. Vampire stories by Wenart -Hasmed- by PeteMohrbacher Acererak by UdonCrew Kratos vs the basilisk by el-grimlock Dealing Death by alanlathwell The Shifletts' Ol' Scratch by No-Sign-of-Sanity Sacrifice by PReilly Remeber love by randis Mek by thienbao Hello, monster by XXcomicXX Great Dragon by Noxypia :thumb55592061: Age of conan2 by pascalblanche :thumb87965891: 233 by SnowSkadi Age-of-conan3 by pascalblanche Tauren hunter and pet by sandara Shen Hua by Luches Jun by HOON Before The Storm by Hellstern Deathdealer by Goretoon Persephone by dahlig Forsaken by Saimain - Secret Garden - Commission by Anathematixs Green Wisper by nell-fallcard The Storyteller by dark-spider :thumb31999293: Waterfall Castle matte art by fstarno hunter by NeoArtCorE :thumb56595090: Spiral demon girl by henning Blizzcon FanArt Contest Winner by Zeronis Pepper Morning by wraithdt :thumb83387633: Manganizing Mica by ComiPa The Forgotten Atlantis by firedudewraith Unleashed by MinnaSundberg Deepwoods by tracyjb Beorn's team by Vyrhelle-VyrL Make me proud... by OmeN2501 Vai and Doradon by juliedillon Hall of the Dragon Mist by Suirebit Labyrinth by ZivCG Rage over Babylon by ZivCG LETUM by edlo Journey to Colapesce by massgrfx Gabriel by alexiuss Master of Illusions by kir-tat Gaia by CrisVector Elven's Path by soys Artemis by MBoulad Keldon Megolith by Philipstraub Follow that Rabbit by kamillyonsiya Hard Morning by uildrim Glamour by d-liliane Portrait of Zuko and Mai by missbennet Wyrm by SMorrisonArt A knight must never fear by MinnaSundberg OFFSPRING - Dragon Art - by wallace Firelord by Magolobo Black Death by JasonEngle Winged companions by Ironshod Chickenrace extreme. by alecan .the.dying.dream. by noah-kh Other worlds: the messenger by aphostol Death of Salome by KristinaGehrmann Aconitum by acidlullaby I am the Lady of Eagles by Loreena24 Poison Ivy by Dianae The Jurney by lorlandchain Tsukuyomi by GENZOMAN Alex 2007 by reiq Street Fighter: RYU by Markovah CG Adult Neji by iDNAR Salvation by MarioWibisono Miss Venezuela by reiq Siegfried by GENZOMAN Pinocchio Madness... by Norke Blackbeard by GENZOMAN The Rage of the Barbarian by reiq Azura by emmil Original: Squeak by Risachantag Fate by alexiuss Legend of the Vampire III by Micchu Full Tang by DanHowardArt :thumb81732874: :thumb59620112: Boxer by michaelkutsche -The Great Arch- by Bluefley fh4 by sandara Assasin by NeoArtCorE :thumb48177067: + Wanda Stretch+ by kunkka :thumb51077238: :thumb49290675: :thumb20535849: Sexy Lancer by wraithdt .sinner. by noah-kh life in a bright colours by adriano10 Selene and Morgan by auroreblackcat Royal Rose Princess by MarioWibisono VENUS WAKES UP by AURORY The Mad Hatter by fayrenpickpocket Country Charger Colour by Omar-Dogan :thumb60300465: in the Petra Ruins... by Raphael-Lacoste :thumb72584154: Dragon Tribes THE CALLING by Grafik Discovery by reiq :thumb58903645: The Fire by RadoJavor Ice Storm by RadoJavor :thumb36495180: :thumb73953647: :thumb42756789: :thumb72408651: :thumb87969135: :thumb75541259: :thumb65350332: :thumb52317914: :thumb64478020: :thumb67116328: :thumb83292813: :thumb77272482: :thumb4405722: :thumb93000073: :thumb96022429: :thumb96196197: :thumb91027892: :thumb89402699: :thumb82453100: :thumb101225779: :thumb61264670: :thumb60300593: :thumb26347836: :thumb71935006: :thumb56703853: :thumb80640695: :thumb92748438: :thumb95270988: :thumb76660755: :thumb14373878: :thumb96315711: :thumb80095588: :thumb52633718: :thumb102200786: :thumb59505425: :thumb100128843: :thumb94592686: :thumb92005316: :thumb94482650: :thumb21579629: :thumb83291086: :thumb68451720: :thumb47403237: :thumb67779734: :thumb89805707: :thumb66536187: :thumb70528969: :thumb95399150: :thumb54327851: :thumb76728401: :thumb85608925: :thumb72341376: :thumb24245064: :thumb61509647: :thumb49677427: :thumb84139552: :thumb81593127: :thumb48152260: :thumb59482394: :thumb104857898: :thumb70871354: :thumb27591212: :thumb78371081: :thumb5772843: :thumb16029678: :thumb70756649: :thumb89043141: :thumb100850735: :thumb67109721: :thumb38952121: :thumb93254294: :thumb45894159: :thumb67245158: :thumb44217263: :thumb80030248: :thumb60160664: :thumb50264984: :thumb42911554: :thumb14156797: :thumb25523578: :thumb59055753: :thumb93429703: :thumb104106901: :thumb100058409: :thumb8834694: :thumb53414793: :thumb73438385: :thumb92438300: :thumb94399272: :thumb35422116: :thumb46899379: :thumb54708559: :thumb60481147: :thumb74022096: :thumb54198912: :thumb32968873: :thumb43032339: :thumb75628540: :thumb3006638: :thumb54708992: :thumb80658707: :thumb71251466: :thumb68594899: :thumb99517967: :thumb71451959: :thumb75583741: :thumb58136550: :thumb79000691: :thumb21941088: :thumb103786531: :thumb102545711: :thumb102808740: :thumb104197817: :thumb104657060: :thumb103371388: :thumb104024340: :thumb102860208: :thumb41851339: :thumb44787105: :thumb14027048: :thumb79888020: :thumb83668970: :thumb94314764: :thumb73534826: :thumb104935570:

:star::star::star::star::star:And that is it ! :star::star::star::star::star:

Approximately 450+ pieces :) All carefully hand collected by me :) :p Hope you enjoyed because I certainly did, I don't know if my 2nd edition will be as big as this one, but there will be more surprise ! :)

Hope you enjoyed this new Serie, thanks for everyone who supports :heart: And have a nice day :) :+favlove: If you enjoyed this article ! :)

Kind Regards :star:,

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Baltxer Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

this is really a huge stunning digital paintings!! :faint:

fave this news~~~ :XD:

you are really made good job for submit this awesome collection of stunning digital paintings!! :salute:
Ylthina Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
Amazing... Simply amazing :worship:... It's beyond me how people can have this kind of talent :confused:
guyiel Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009
nice one!
Sangiev Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
Thx !
Pitifloyter Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much! really stunning art , awesome compilation! great work!
Sangiev Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
My pleasure ! :)
RyanOat Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009
great collection!
Sangiev Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009
Thank you ! :)
SHAP00PI Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009  Hobbyist
brilliant article bro, i'm a digital painter myself, so this is extra inspiring, but also degrading because i'm nothing compared to these guys :D.. thanks for writing it!
Sangiev Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
:lol: Only the wrote the crappy introduction :p
It's my pleasure ;)
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