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December 6, 2008


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Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the 'Hidden Talent' News article.
How ya'll doing ? I'm doing fine (thx for those who asked :p) anyway, here is another interview. Took it from differnet angle, I went for digital art, but flew towrads Space Arts.
And who better to tell us about Space Arts and his life than the one and the only ...
Enjoy the read !

What is your name ?
Josef Bartoò

What is your alias and why you choose it ?
JoeJesus / Jesus - When I was about 14 years old, friends around started to call me 'Jesus' because of my long hair and really thin stature (I'm like a sheet of paper - you don't even need a rentgen - just position me in front of the window :D ). So, my name is Josef -> Joe -> JoeJesus. My nick therefore has nothing to do with religion because I'm an atheist. But you may always call me Joe, Joey or whatever you like.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm 22 years old Introvert...


That's it.


No, just kidding - I'm allways trying to joke around a bit. But yes - I really am an introvert. I usually sit and listen. On the other side, when it comes to decisions - I'm allways among those who make some. I'm not a turncoat and when I promise to do something I allways try to finish it. So, my probably most positive qualities are reliability, trust and punctuality. My most negative - ahh, hell - sometimes I'm really stubborn and sometimes my jokes can turn into sarcasm which most people don't understand or don't like at all but hey, no-one is perfect.

Brightscape by JoeyJazz Gaze of the Dragon by JoeyJazz Giant's Deep by JoeyJazz

Do you get loads of support from family/friends ?
Sure, I am the only child - pampered :D . Actually - my parrents are quite old - most people who don't know them think they are my grandparents. So, I've been raised in older manners - no cell phones, no internet. Just good old football (soccer) with friends outside, TV etc. I'm just not some hyper-modern child. I was tought that nothing is for free and that's one of the most important things about support I've learned.

We all known that you are pretty well known on the net, is it the same in real life ? Are you known for your art in your living area or Uni ?
Well - deviantArt isn't 'all the internet' - I guess I'm not SO MUCH known over the whole net. But to answer the question - no, people around me don't know it. To be more accurate - the last few months some (about 10) people found out and I guess the number will be bigger soon but Space Art is just my freetime hobby. That doesn't mean I don't want to get credit for it but I just don't want to spread the word since most people around me are not that artistic and would consider this to be time-wasting (they act like watching the TV isn't wasting the time, pheh).  

Have you done any previous studies before getting yourself into Digital Art ?
Kind of.. ..I finished studies on IT high school and part of it was subject called 'Graphic Systems' that included work with some graphic software like Calisto, AutoCAD, Gimp. In other words - I've learned there some basics of controling digital graphic software - the rest is self-study.

Morning Gale by JoeyJazz Downfall by JoeyJazz Rebirth by JoeyJazz

From my knowledge not many artist are from Czech Republic, how do you feel being one of the represent ?
As I said I am not well known in the Czech Republic (I'm known mostly among young people that often wander around DA or some young graphic designers). I don't consider myself to be in the Czech artist league. As you said - there are not many of Czech digital artist and those who are known are really good and I don't think I am THAT good.

What got you started Digital Painting ? What got you painting Space Art specifically ?
SA isn't much about painting It's more about handling the software - I actually started with simple design - signatures. Than I saw some space art pieces on the same web page where I was learning the ways of digital art. Later I came across those real SA masterpieces (Alyn, Greg Martin - you name them) and decided I should try it since I've allways been a fan into space and sci-fi. Beginnings were hard but being stubborn enough I've managed to come pretty far and become partially addicted to it. The 'painting' came little later and I'm still fighting with it.

How long does it take you to get into the feel of creating something new and stunning ?
It depends - sometimes a few weeks, sometimes a few hours. Mood probably matters the most - like in every other thing you do.

Entropia by JoeyJazz Resonance Past by JoeyJazz Just Space by JoeyJazz

Do you plan your images before doing them, or make them up on the spot ?
Earlier I just started creating something without planning anything. Nowdays I usually have some idea before I start but sometimes it still is some 'just for fun' playing with space :).

Who will be your favourite artist at this moment ?
At this moment? Gary Tonge? Dylan Cole? I don't know. There are many of them - I would not like to pinpoint just a few of them - there are lots of awesome artists.

How do you respond to change in trends in this "digital" world ?
Uhm, heh - trends? I mean - I really don't observe trends. I have no Idea what is the most favourite trend these days. I just know there are still tons of anime and loads of artistic nude photos. As you can see - this isn't something that would affect my branch. :)

Phantasm by JoeyJazz Home by JoeyJazz Dawn after Dusk by JoeyJazz

So where is your working place, in an office at home ? Once you're finished with your pieces where would you post them ?
Home. I mostly post them on deviantArt and on (that's my czech 'stronghold' where I work for free as a tutorials writer - that's why I hate writing tutorials) and sometimes on Solarvoyager.

What software do you use and what is your favourite tool?
I use Photoshop. My hand.

Is there any tips for other Digital Painter or Illustrator you would like to share ?
I don't use these softs. Have no idea what I should share :) .

Do you work on commission or are you thinking of ever doing this?
Not yet. Probably in the future. I'm still trying to keep most of my work on the hobby level.

Odyssey by JoeyJazz Concept: Illuminated by JoeyJazz Monument by JoeyJazz

Do you usually have a message to send through your painting ?
Sometimes. Emotions are probably the strongest factor that should affect the observer. The reason and the message are mostly in the form, not in the content.

What would be your casual routine like ?
Rest. Rest a little longer. Then do nothing for a few days (except for work/school) and then 'pop' - hey, I should really do some new SA. It happens so fast I don't actually think about any routine. On the other hand - I do have a system in layers and folders - so I'm pretty systematic in this and also pretty secretive about it ;).

What are your other hobbies, when you're not drawing or sketching ?
I play a bassguitar in several bands. I listen to rock/metal/alternative (mostly guitar) music. I'm trying to go to the cinema at least once in a month. I try to get drunken at least once in a week.... :) And sure - I also play PC games - RPG rulez.

Galileo by JoeyJazz Arrival by JoeyJazz Crescent by JoeyJazz

What is your utimate goal in Digital Art ?
I don't have any. I'm just like some phenomenon - I just create. :D Originally I was thinking about some goal but eventually found out that there is no point in it - I would've sooner or later reached it and then I'd had to find a new one. I'm too lazy for that. :)

Do you use references for your paintings or come up with the total concept?
Both. It is difficult to find the total concept when you are flooded by so many cool pieces that just have to inspire you somehow.

Where does your Inspiration source come from ?
Music, Nature, Emotions and all that bullshit :).

Wormhole by JoeyJazz End of the journey... by JoeyJazz Ancient by JoeyJazz

What would your top 5 tips be for anyone that is starting to Paint or Illustrate ?
Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice and never give up.

What do you think of today's Digital Arts levels and amount of work ?
I am afraid to say it but today's Digital Art is more about quantity than quality - sure, there are lot's of fine artists but DA has become too popular last few years and that brings lots of mediocre pieces. Wel, it also have a brighter side - when you reach the top, more and more people will find out.

Lots of people are nowadays interested in Space Art. Do you think that one day Space Art will reach its ultimate level ?
Space Art is a branch of art like every other. It's true that it isn't so spread as manga, fantasy or dark art but it has its place among the art. Although - I would not like to foretell its future - I forgot my crystal ball somewhere...

The Nest by JoeyJazz Last Goodbye by JoeyJazz Aftermath Echoes by JoeyJazz

You have achieved an awesome number of 2 Daily Deviation over DA, how do you feel ?
lol - Taenaron has 5 and he has been on DA almost as long as I am :D (no offense - I love his works and I thing he deserves this)
Sure I'm glad for those two DD's but I think I have better works and am looking for more, moooore, moooooooore.. ;)

Monument by JoeyJazz Just Space by JoeyJazz

What type of music do you listen to ?
Progressive rock, progressive metal, alternative metal/rock, industrial, ost, grunge, hard-rock, cross-over, immediate music, ambient and lots of other.

What is your gear like ?
Intel Pentium Celeron 2.8Ghz
ATi Radeon x1600 PRO (256 RAM) - but this isn't much important since it doesn't affect my works in any way.
Old CRT 17" Fujitsu Siemens.
Wacom Bamboo One Tablet (A6)
Sometimes I use friends digital camera to shot some textures - I personally don't own any.

If there was another software you would like to master, which one would it be ?
Maya. But I wouldn't consider myself a master of PS niether - no-one should - working with every such software is like navigating with a space shuttle and I doubt there is someone on Earth who knows and masters every single function.

Angelic Heights by JoeyJazz Lacrimosa by JoeyJazz Golden Gate by JoeyJazz

Your popularity over DA has increased, were you expecting that ?
No. Yeesss. I'm not big headed so I didn't know if I would ever be famous or not (just browse through my scraps and you'll realize that my beginings weren't of those 'big boom talent has appeared and now he will kick your asses', y'know).

Did you had to go through some very challenging task in your Digital career ?
Well - the most challenging piece so far was surely the submission for that big sci-fi wallpaper contest on deviantart and I think I did the job right (2nd place isn't so bad :D ).

What are your future plans ?
Keep the standard, get better and just... ...go on.

If you could, you would ...
... explore every single place in the universe - it would take some time, but I would enjoy it :) .

What is your favourite piece, that you ever created ?
Children of Chimera

Children of Chimera by JoeyJazz Broken Heart by JoeyJazz Spectrum by JoeyJazz

What are your favourite pieces on DA, could you share them ?
Icarus's Wish by Alyn, Theistic Dawn by antifan-real and many other. I know - I'm not original. :)

If you had to sum up all your work into one sentence, what would it be ?
Madmans diary based upon his twisted lusts and written by his wicked desires :D :D :D ...

And to finish it off, What would you like to say to your fans out there ? And what did you think of this interview ?
Well - thx for all the popularity and attention. I am glad that you all like my works and be sure that I'll try to keep on trucking. Oh, and - two more things - I use photoshop, so don't ask me all the time - it's written on my profile page AND - NO, I won't write any tutorial :).
About the interview : That was some hell of a number of questions... :D

Reach by JoeyJazz Showtime by JoeyJazz Aries by JoeyJazz EYE by JoeyJazz Bounty Hunters by JoeyJazz Twilight Patrol by JoeyJazz Space of Colours by JoeyJazz Far Beyond: Scavengers by JoeyJazz Planet Hell by JoeyJazz

Nicely finished in a "old is gold" piece ! By Josef !
Let's all :clap: for these wonderful answers :) So, you heard, go :+fav: his work and :+devwatch: and suggest for some DD :p He is hungry !
Hope you all enjoyed the read :) Because I certainly did ! :)


Have a nice time,
Kind Regards,

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pulse36 Dec 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
only just noticed this one, and DAYUM :P

dude, as always, full of inspiration......
keep up the great work Sangiev and u too joe =]
srag Dec 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! that guy should have been an astronaut =D
:lol: Yeah ! Thanks anyway ;)
Oh my gosh, I wish I had the money to buy all your prints!
I'm freakishly obsessed over space art. xD
I want to try my self at some point, but I'll probably end up with an Epic fail that took a month to finish. o3o

:lol: We all start with epic fails, but as you keep trying you will only get better ;)
C-Hadley Jan 9, 2009  Student General Artist
*Scribbleprincess new account*

8D I Made my first epic fail!
My icon. ahhahaha
C-Hadley Jan 9, 2009  Student General Artist
I cheated though, I found tutorials. :iconpervyplz:
Great read man, best of luck in the future!
Thanks buddy ;)
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