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February 28, 2009


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*Runs into the stage*
Hello everybody !!!! How are you today on this fine day ?! Can you smell what Sangiev is coooooking ?! (for those of you who will understand). So how are you guys ? It’s been an eternity since I’ve updated my Hidden Talent series. So here it is ! With our latest prey :p The one and the only …


What is your name ?
My name is Jeff Michelmann.

What is your alias and why you choose it ?
My alias is gucken, and I chose it together with my older brother. It was a few years ago, when I played internet games for the first time.. We thought of German words that sounded weird in a way and that we hardly used in spoken language. And that is how "gucken" came to our minds. :D

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Mh,  I am a self-taught artist, 20 years old, and was born in Germany.. I do art in my free time, and am currently studying physics here in Munich. I love chocolate and my family. Well, basically, that last sentence just described me perfectly :P

Feuersbrunst by gucken Stranded by gucken Cosmic View by gucken

Do you get loads of support from family/friends ?
Yes, I do. I receive very useful comments from my father and my brother, and especially from a good friend of mine. He's called Tobias Roetsch (taenaron), and we were buddies ever since I've installed Photoshop for the first time. We've met in the internet when playing freelancer, my very first internet game. And that was also the game in which my brother came up with my alias. How crazy is that?! :p

We all know that you are pretty well known on the net, is it the same in real life ? Are you known for your art in your living area or Uni ?
Well... no. I've told some of my new friends at my University about my hobby, though. It was very exciting, because I didn't know how they would react. But it's sad to see, that Photoshop is not often used amongst the people I know in real life.

You’re also one of the latest addition to the Gallery Moderator’s team, how do you feel ?
I'm very excited and happy about my promotion. Each of the team members is very amazing and I love them all :D.

Alpha Sector by gucken S.O.S. by gucken Untouched by gucken

How do you feel working with your buddy right now as a Gallery Moderator ?
taenaron and I have always worked together and I am very glad that he was promoted as well. We are a good team, and I hope my "Best Friends Forever"-Ring will reach him via mail soon.

Are you happy that you got the section of the deviantART you always dreamt of ? Is it easy ? Talk us through, on how you would pick a pick to gain that DD ?
Well, the best thing is, that my area is not only limited to the space art category. I am also allowed to feature science fiction art from time to time as well.
So if you guys have something futuristic to offer, just note me or taenaron with a thumb of that piece and a short reason. why you thing that it deserves a DD; Hmm, there is no walkthrough on how to get a DD in my opinion. It just has to be awesome :p

Have you done any previous studies before getting yourself into Digital Art ?
No, I only attended the regular art classes at school, a mathematical, natural scientific school, to be precise.. So you should get the idea, hehe :D

What got you started Digital Painting ? What got you painting Space Art specifically ?
I've always been interested in space ever since I was about 8 years old and got my hands on a scientific book about space.. for kids! :D
But the event in my life that started my love for digital art and space art itself, was probably me playing freelancer by Microsoft and getting into the online community of that game. I saw lots of little tags in each of those users comments in the forums, and I was especially amazed by the ones that taenaron's online gaming clan had! I wanted to do stuff like that as well and opened paint at first and installed Photoshop later :D.

The Observer by gucken Pool of Light by gucken Love is in the air by gucken

How long does it take you to get into the feel of creating something new and stunning ?
Basically the concepts for my pieces always pop up in my mind just like that or during the creation of a piece that is based on a more boring concept I have thought of before. Even though I hardly sketch out my ideas, the creation of a piece can take up to several days, as I always think of another detail to add that might change the whole concept of the piece.

Who will be your favourite artist at this moment ? (either on DA or somewhere else)
Actually, there are quite a lot of artists I like at the moment. First of all, of course, taenaron on dA. Also on dA, there are DanLuVisiArt, Rahll, AndreeWallin, OmeN2501, Gate-To-Nowhere and many more…
I also adore the art of  "Sana Takeda" (especially the work the artist has done for the online game RF Online) and "KAGAYA" who I believe do not own an account here at deviantART.

So where is your working place, in an office at home ? Once you're finished with your pieces where would you post them ?
My working place is here at home. My current id on my user page describes it perfectly. I haven't changed a thing since I took that photo. Mh, once I think I'm done with my pieces and got my "okay" from taenaron, I usually post them on dA first and then post them on, and other art sites like deviantART.

The Heat of Love by gucken Point Of Honour by gucken Gravitas by gucken

What software do you use and what is your favourite tool ?
I use Photoshop CS3, 3ds max and Terragen. My favourite tool is probably my Wacom Intuos. It rocks! :D

Is there any tips for other Digital Painter or Illustrator you would like to share ?
Not really, as I don't think that I am in a position to be allowed to give any tips :P.
But let me say, that practice makes perfect and you should always keep on painting. :)
Have a good friend on your side, your life as an artist will become much easier and happier that way.

Do you work on commission or are you thinking of ever doing this ?
I'd love to work on commission, if I'd have more time for art in general.
I have also thought about taking art classes and stuff like that. But things didn't go the way I wanted them to go, and that's how it is, I'm afraid. Maybe in the future, we'll see…

Orbital Thunderstorm by gucken To Our Destiny by gucken Touch of Infinity by gucken

Do you usually have a message to send through your painting ?
Yes, my pieces always have a basic message, such as a specific thought about life or a basic feeling everyone has from time to time.
Sometimes I let the viewers know about my feelings and thoughts about a piece and write them directly in the description, but sometimes I don't, because the idea is entrenched in my head and wouldn't come out in simple words. It wouldn't do justice to the piece, if I would force myself to write them directly in the description anyway.

What would be your casual routine like ?
I always try to practice some new stuff in my new projects. That means that I think of a concept and then think about how to realize that concept by using elements that are new to me.
At the moment I am trying to include humans in my pieces. It's very exciting for me to try new things, but sometimes it can be frustrating as well.

What are your other hobbies, when you're not drawing or sketching ?
Bowling and riding a bike. But I am using up most of my free time to draw and use Photoshop, so my other hobbies are hardly ever done. Maybe once every month or so.

What is your ultimate goal in Digital Art ?
To be able to paint whatever I think of.

Collab: Child's Dream by gucken Reach by gucken Mount Richmoore by gucken

Do you use references for your paintings or come up with the total concept?
I have a small model of a shuttle from Revell. I've often used it as a reference, it rocks :).
But in general, if I use photo references from the internet, I usually mention it in the description, I believe.

Where does your Inspiration source come from ?
From everywhere, to be honest. Daily things can inspire me as well as awesome sci-fi movies or games.
But at the moment I have a handful of concepts in mind that are stuck in my head for almost half a year now. After I can find the time and patience to realize them in Photoshop, I will try to be inspired anew.

What do you think of today's Digital Arts levels and amount of work ?
Basically, I'm glad to live in the present. Digital art rules as it is today!
I'm excited to see how it turns out in the future. I have high expectations. :)

Lots of people are nowadays interested in Space Art. Do you think that one day Space Art will reach its ultimate level ?
I hope that the ultimate level of Space Art is unreachable, so that we can enjoy even better space art every day, if that is possible.

You have achieved a stunning number of 4 Daily Deviation over DA, how do you feel ?
I am very honored and thankful for each of those Daily Deviations. They mean a lot to me, and have helped me getting more self-confident as an artist.

Wallpaper - The Heat Of Love by gucken Starlit Night by gucken Sea Onel by gucken a new day by gucken

What type of music do you listen to ?
I listen to K-Pop and J-Pop lol xD

What is your gear like ?…
Basically everything is in there !

If there was another software you would like to master, which one would it be ?
Probably Corel Painter.. but before that I would like to master Photoshop :P

Your popularity over DA has increased, were you expecting that ?
No, never.

Did you had to go through some very challenging task in your Digital career ?
Every piece is a very challenging task for me, as I always try to include new techniques and elements that I have never used.

Dying System by gucken Journey Home by gucken Sightseeing Tour by gucken

What are your future plans ?
I would like to be able to make a living with my art someday. I think that is my only plan for the future.

If you could, you would ...
Fly! Like Superman !

What is your favourite piece, that you ever created ?
My favourite piece that I have created so far would be S.O.S.… , because my family played a very important role during the creation of this piece.

What are your favourite pieces on DA, could you share them ?
Of course.. At the moment I have over 16'000 favourite pieces on dA :P.  
It's really difficult to show only my very favourite picks out of them, but to give you an impression, here are some random picks: Entrance of Covered by fxEVo white skirt by lian-blackdream :thumb111647408: Sweetie by zhuzhu All But Dead by Rahll Aurea Mediocritas by taenaron Rain by OmeN2501

If you had to sum up all your work into one sentence, what would it be ?
one sentence? I only need one word :P : exercise

And to finish it off, What would you like to say to your fans out there ? And what did you think of this interview ?
This interview was great, Sangiev for the win! :#1: (from Sangiev : As you see he’s a generous lad xD)

Wasteland by gucken Hydor redux - v2 by gucken The Final Showdown by gucken


And those sweet words ends today’s interview ! With the one and the only gucken !! So as you saw this kid is awesome ! Purely talented and now has been given the right reward ! Give him support by :+fav: some of his work and :+devwatch: ! I’m sure he will appreciate that !

Also to show your support in this series you could :+favlove: and drop a comment in here too ! :)

That’s it from me ! Catcha’ Laters

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